Close up:  'Seventy years is a long time on the same patch of grass.'

Close up: 'Seventy years is a long time on the same patch of grass.'

My aim is to challenge the complacency in the way we see things and create a sense of wonder in what can be achieved by the simple use of line and colour.

The direction of my work is toward the use of line to create form.  As my brush travels around a face or a trunk of a tree or whatever the subject matter might be, the line may catch a bump or a shadow and immediately its direction and structure changes to accommodate what it meets, revealing a characteristic that is typical of the subject.

In 'Reflections' for example, the technique offers the opportunity to go past the features and to capture 'that something' that is inherent within the subject.  Salvador Dali once said: "I don't paint a portrait to look like the subject, rather does the person grow to look like his portrait."

Consequently, the result is more a search for the essence of the subject rather then a mirror image.

This technique of multiple overlapping lines seems to change organically as the challenges appear for each body of work.  A good example is the difference between, 'Just Add Water' and 'Life Captured' where in the latter the finer lines reveal a more detailed image of the subject.

The technique used in 'Moments in time' is an earlier example of the exploration with line.

This exploration with line and colour is constantly taking me into uncharted territory and revealing the everyday in new light.



2017.  Woking toward a Solo Exhibition for 2018. 

2015.  Finalist - The Mosman Art Prize.

2014.  Solo Exhibition.  Finalist - Sulman AGNSW

2013.  Solo Exhibition.

2012.  Finalist - the Mosman art Prize.

2010.  Solo Exhibition.


2015.  Art Ascent Magazine - Distinguished Artist - Theme 'Unknown', Art Ascent Magazine - Silver.

2014.  Kogarah City Council Cultural Plan Magazine Cover.

2006.  'Waterlemon' By Ruth Ritchie - Book Cover - 'Lemon.'


2014.  Whim, 2SER Radio, Sydney Morning Herald, Art Hub, Art Month, Sydney Art Galleries and Art Community, What's on Sydney, Australian Arts Review, FBI Radio, Mosman Daily.

2010.  Mosman Daily, Open Gallery; Sydney Morning Herald.


1975.  Graduated from The South Australian School of Art.


Art Director.

1989.  International Film & TV Festival of New York - Finalist, Clio Awards - Certificate of Creative.

1988.  Mobius Awards - Certificate for Outstanding Creative Excellence.

1987.  One Show New York - Gold, London International Advertising Awards - Gold, International Radio Festival of New York - Gold.

1986.  International Broadcasting Awards - Finalist, Golden Stylus Award -Silver, International Film & TV Festival of New York - Silver, International Radio Festival New York - Gold.

1985.  TVB Retail Advertising Awards - Category Winner.

Creative Director.

1990.  Readers Digest - Monthly winner, Golden Stylus - Silver.  Award - Silver.

1989.  London International Advertising Awards - Gold, Mobius Awards - Winner.

1988.  International Film & TV Festival of New York - Silver, Mobius Awards Gold, Golden Stylus - Silver.

1987.  Pan Pacific - Silver, Mobius Awards - Winner.